Immune to bags under the eyes

Yoox takes us into science fiction with Yooxmirror. Interactive virtual dressing room, which through the app will help customers in their personal mix & match gaming between garments and accessories. The outfits created can be shared on social networks or saved on the Yoox Wishlist. The Daisy avatar guides the customers. Immune to bags under the eyes... Continue Reading →

It’s not just a bag!

The fashion product, in contemporary society, represents an extension of the self. The dimensions that compose it are more complex; can be described through 4 dimensions: functional symbolic social emotional The goods we buy, such as a bag, represent a system of communication towards ourselves and others, which allows us to express our personality. The... Continue Reading →

Objectification on social media

The importance acquired by the social networks and by the word-of-mouth on influencing the choices of the fashion market is reported and discussed on the various researches and reports. At the same time, using a Jung’s term, all of this has a shadow. The revolution and the power of new media carries some aspects, somehow... Continue Reading →

Brand personality :-) :-(

If we want to talk about archetypes, first we must talk about C.G. Jung. Swiss psychiatrist, who described the human psyche through three components: ego (conscious mind) personal unconscious (unconscious mind, which contains memories removed) collective unconscious (unconscious mind, psychological inheritance) According to Jung, the archetypes represent universal patterns and images that are part of... Continue Reading →

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