The science of beautiful

Why do certain configurations of lines and colors and shapes stimulate us so much? In recent years, scientists have dedicated themselves to the concept of beauty by referring to evolutionary psychology and neuroscience. Numerous research has shown that a few simple parameters define an attractive face: normality, symmetry and hormone effects. The first factor, normality,... Continue Reading →

To Buy Or Not To Buy…

Several economic theories argue that purchases depend on the preference and price assessment that the customer makes during the purchase decision. Many researches (Neural predictors of purchases, 2007), in the field of neuroscience, have used FMRI to analyze what happens in our brain during this phase of choice. The neuroimaging evidence suggests that: the preference... Continue Reading →

I Am With You

In the contemporary era, consumers use brands to highlight their knowledge of culture, trend or style. But at the same time brands can also be used to communicate membership or exclusion from reference groups. Belonging to a group is a fundamental need, demonstrated by various researches and theories. People use products and brands to create... Continue Reading →

LOVE – Where it ends up in our brain…

According to the Lurija language processing model, a visual signal like the writing LOVE on the bag, covers a specific path within our brain that allows us to understand the word. The path has several steps and several areas in the brain are activated which work in an integrated way. Each area has neuronal networks... Continue Reading →

New product as new synapses

When we present a new product or brand, what goes on in our brain is a learning process. That is, new neuronal networks take shape and the conduction patterns within them are modified. Only if these conduction patterns persist, do we have memorization, which is the functional and anatomical change of a specific neuronal circuit.... Continue Reading →

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