To Buy Or Not To Buy…

Several economic theories argue that purchases depend on the preference and price assessment that the customer makes during the purchase decision. Many researches (Neural predictors of purchases, 2007), in the field of neuroscience, have used FMRI to analyze what happens in our brain during this phase of choice. The neuroimaging evidence suggests that: the preference... Continue Reading →

Objectification on social media

The importance acquired by the social networks and by the word-of-mouth on influencing the choices of the fashion market is reported and discussed on the various researches and reports. At the same time, using a Jung’s term, all of this has a shadow. The revolution and the power of new media carries some aspects, somehow... Continue Reading →

I Am With You

In the contemporary era, consumers use brands to highlight their knowledge of culture, trend or style. But at the same time brands can also be used to communicate membership or exclusion from reference groups. Belonging to a group is a fundamental need, demonstrated by various researches and theories. People use products and brands to create... Continue Reading →

From Product to Brain

  Our brain spends its whole existence in a dark and silent box, called skull. It receives information from a series of body sensors that describe what is happening in the world. Based on these data it then has to guess what their causes are, why and what that particular sound or color or scent... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow I’m going to run! Maybe…

  Dan Ariely's book, "Predictably Irrational", gives an important insight into our general tendency to always make not a logical and sensible decisions. Traditional economics bases all its analysis and actions on the premise that our decisions are the result of rationality. But in the experiments described in the book, in reality our behaviors are... Continue Reading →

The natural tendency to smile

What is courtesy? The definition that I prefer is: "The natural tendency to smile, to kindness, to the willingness to take care of the other." If we relate with polite people, we easily develop the will to undertake, with them, continuous relationship, based on mutual understanding and respect. Because the light ways reassure and generate... Continue Reading →

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