Limited Edition vs Best Seller

Researchers Wu, Laurie & Lee, Christopher of Temple University (Philadelphia) in their article (Defines of the Self-Improvement vs. Other-Purchase Behavior - 2016), define that the perceived uniqueness of a product, alter the perceived value of the product itself. Furthermore, they describe the effect "popularity for others". That expresses itself significantly when shopping for others. Think... Continue Reading →

The science of beautiful

Why do certain configurations of lines and colors and shapes stimulate us so much? In recent years, scientists have dedicated themselves to the concept of beauty by referring to evolutionary psychology and neuroscience. Numerous research has shown that a few simple parameters define an attractive face: normality, symmetry and hormone effects. The first factor, normality,... Continue Reading →

New CELINE: what A.I. thinks.

The change of CELINE, under the guidance of the new creative director Hedi Slimane has begun. Three strong signals highlight the beginning of the process: - New logo - Reset of the web channels   - Launch of a new product with a super celebrity: Lady Gaga (29.3 million followers on instagram). But what will... Continue Reading →

It’s not just a bag!

The fashion product, in contemporary society, represents an extension of the self. The dimensions that compose it are more complex; can be described through 4 dimensions: functional symbolic social emotional The goods we buy, such as a bag, represent a system of communication towards ourselves and others, which allows us to express our personality. The... Continue Reading →

Brand personality :-) :-(

If we want to talk about archetypes, first we must talk about C.G. Jung. Swiss psychiatrist, who described the human psyche through three components: ego (conscious mind) personal unconscious (unconscious mind, which contains memories removed) collective unconscious (unconscious mind, psychological inheritance) According to Jung, the archetypes represent universal patterns and images that are part of... Continue Reading →

LOVE – Where it ends up in our brain…

According to the Lurija language processing model, a visual signal like the writing LOVE on the bag, covers a specific path within our brain that allows us to understand the word. The path has several steps and several areas in the brain are activated which work in an integrated way. Each area has neuronal networks... Continue Reading →

From Product to Brain

  Our brain spends its whole existence in a dark and silent box, called skull. It receives information from a series of body sensors that describe what is happening in the world. Based on these data it then has to guess what their causes are, why and what that particular sound or color or scent... Continue Reading →

The natural tendency to smile

What is courtesy? The definition that I prefer is: "The natural tendency to smile, to kindness, to the willingness to take care of the other." If we relate with polite people, we easily develop the will to undertake, with them, continuous relationship, based on mutual understanding and respect. Because the light ways reassure and generate... Continue Reading →

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